Boo came into Constance’s life as a rescue dog, so no one knows his parentage for certain, but he is most probably a Coton de Tulear.  He is a beginner at freestyle and is enjoying learning new things.  Boo has a very sweet, playful, happy and friendly nature and loves to tug and to play with people and other dogs.  He loves meeting new people and especially enjoys investigating new smells.  Boo dances with Constance.


Cadence is a Parti Colored Miniature Poodle.  He is training for his future active life.  He loves to play fetch, is learning to retrieve and do freestyle moves.  But his favorite game is tug.  He is a curious little boy with a real attitude. Cadence dances with Jane.


Chenille is a goofy Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever & Standard Poodle).  She has a happy people-loving personality which is sure to win your heart.  She has some experience with obedience, rally, trick training and scent work, but her favorite dog activity is dancing.  She dances with Deana.


Chloe is a “CTM” cut terrier mix.  She was rescued in Texas and luckily found her way to us.  She loves to play with her toys, go for walking adventures and chase her doggy brother and sisters.  Chloe enjoys learning new things and makes her Mom and human sister smile with her spins, twirls and zest for life.  She is a wonderful partner.


Digger is a terrier mix who loves to do anything and everything with his person.  Highly sociable and friendly, he likes almost everyone he meets whether two legged or four legged.  He was given his name by a previous person and he has never actually dug a hole.  Digger’s favorite thing is showing how high he can jump.  He loves to learn new things and find life endlessly fascinating and fun.  Digger enjoys dancing with Constance.


Ginger is a Chinese Crested dog who was rescued from the streets by Pima Animal Care Center.  She became a very happy dog when she was introduced to dancing, which she is learning quickly and enthusiastically.  Ginger dances with Kim.


Jemma is a 5 year old Doberman Pinscher.  Janet recently adopted Jemma after she retired from the show ring and had her puppies.  Jemma is very happy learning to dance.  Yes, you can teach an older dog new tricks.  Soon, she will have a real dance routine.  In her free time, Jemma likes to play with her stuffed animals and chase lizards.


Kacie is a Shetland Sheepdog who loves to do it all – freestyle, agility, herding, rally obedience and scentwork. She’s smart and is happiest when she’s learning and working.  She dances with Carol.


Reba is an energetic Miniature American Shepherd who has participated in many dog sports including agility, herding, obedience and even weight pull.  Now in her senior years, she puts all her energy into dancing with jumps, barks and spins. Reba dances with Diane.


Vettel is a Portuguese Podengo which is a sight hound bred to hunt rabbits. He is playful and full of life. His favorite game is chasing anything moving on the ground. Vettel dances with Donna.