We love our dance companions and we hope you’ll help us celebrate every member, both four-legged and two.  Life sometimes takes us in different directions. Some have moved away, some have retired, some have moved on to enjoy other things, and sadly, some have crossed over the rainbow bridge.  It doesn’t matter the reason — they continue to dance with us in spirit.  Please enjoy learning about them too!


Cash is a Cattle Dog/American Staffordshire Terrier who stayed briefly at the Humane Society Hotel.  He is an obedience junkie who takes his job very seriously.  He is learning agility and is ready to try Canine Freestyle now that he has a few tricks under his collar.  He struts his spotted canine physique alongside his dance partner Amy.


Brave, Strong, Sure, and Solid.  She never questioned her judgement or priorities.  Still she let me in and gave me consideration nd unwavering love.  She had more heart, brains, beauty, and strength than any dog I have ever known.  I am honored to have had her as my true companion.

I miss her every day with my whole heart.  My life and self are altered because of her.

Cheetah: February 1998 to December 2009
“Goodnight Pretty, I love you”
Forever in my heart,


Clancy had the sweetest soul I have ever known. He was always there for me through joyful events and several illnesses. He competed in agility and also performed in freestyle, although he really loved doing both more at home than before an audience. He never really liked being “on stage” but did it for me. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss my big, brown sweet dog!  February 12, 1998 – November 2011


Dakota is a Border Collie who is active in canine Freestyle, Agility, and Pet Therapy at an out-patient physical therapy clinic.  She is happy, loving and sensitive.  Dakota dances with Lynn.


Darby is a rescued Aussie who has enthusiastically won many titles in Agility.  He also did the Chatter Bowl commercial that was seen both on TV and the internet.  Darby embraced the sport of freestyle with the same enthusiasm he did for Agility!  He and his partner, Mac, enjoyed learning canine freestyle.


Dreygo is a loveable Doberman Pinscher with a sweet, goofy disposition.  He is working in the conformation ring as well as at canine freestyle.  His power and grace shine though when he moves. Dreygo dances with Janet.


Emily is a Miniature Poodle who is active in therapy work and agility, as well as freestyle. She is a happy girl as you can see in her dancing. Emily dances with Jane.


Henry is a Standard Poodle who loves to dance! He began dancing at six months of age and loves to work the crowd. Henry dances with Kim and always has a sparkle in his eye.


Holly was a Shetland Sheepdog who enjoyed freestyle as well as pet therapy work. She loved her walks and treats and had a wonderful, calm disposition. Holly left many footprints on everyone’s hearts, especially with Carol and her family.  She lived a long, full life from December 3, 1998 to September 17, 2013.


Jazzy was an elegant Shetland Sheepdog who, in spite of her age, still enjoyed working at canine freestyle.  Having her CD and CDX in Obedience and being a Delta dog, she helped considerably during teaching sessions.  Jazzy danced with Char.  –June 15, 2012


Jester is a talented Border Collie who loves to learn anything new. His favorite partner activity is Canine Freestyle, and when he performs you can see his joy and love of life shine.   Jester dances with Constance.


Josie came to us from Aussie Rescue. She really loves being with people. She also likes agility, but not nearly as much as freestyle.  Josie danced with Donna, and is now enjoying other activities.


Kinzee is a Shetland Sheepdog who hasn’t found an activity she doesn’t love. Kinzee really loves her therapy work and freestyle. Kinzee dances with Carol.


Lovey is an Australian Terrier who keeps her nose to the ground for rabbits, lizards, chipmunks and pack rats.  Lovey has boundless energy and likes to do everything fast. She is sociable, fun loving, and enthusiastic about everything in her “big little life.”  When dancing with Barb, her partner, Lovey prefers to lead, and her greatest joy would be if everyone in the room got up to dance with her.


Mickey came to Amy from the Arizona Border Collie Rescue and over the years he has enjoyed obedience, agility, fly ball, and is a therapy dog too.  Mickey loves to play and has no enemies, man nor beast.  His newest activity is Canine Freestyle where he kicks up his paws with Amy.


Minnie was Amy’s foster through the Humane Society and they raised 8 beautiful puppies together in 2010.  She is a Sheba Innu/Boxer/Doberman/Keeshond mix with plenty of energy and personality. She has done obedience and is enjoying agility lessons.  Minnie loves leaping and dancing with great abandon with Amy by her side.


Nike was an up and coming freestyler.  Nike danced with Mac.


Punkin is a Miniature Australian Shepherd. Next to playing with the b-a-l-l (whisper), she loves improvising when dancing. Backwards circles are her favorites. Punkin dances with Susan.


Sage is an Australian Shepherd who is very talented and loves to perform in front of an audience! Sage helps Aubrey teach freestyle and obedience classes. Sage now enjoys California living.


Salsa is a red merle Australian Shepherd who loves the game of life!  Her very favorite game is agility!  Salsa dances with Donna and always sings along.


Sam was a Golden Retriever who took up dancing when he became bored with obedience. He was a graceful and enthusiastic partner who touched all who saw him glide around the dance floor with Pilar.
December 18, 2002 – March 31, 2012


Shunka was a red Doberman who was a Delta therapy dog and enjoyed the sport of Agility.  Mostly he loved to “moosh” with people, when he wasn’t dancing with his partner Janet.


Stormy is a charming Sheltie with a mind of her own.  She really enjoys prancing and spinning to her favorite songs.  Stormy dances with Char.


Vinnie was an Italian Greyhound. He was very smart and learned to dance in a very short time. He loved to have a job! Vinnie was a special little guy. He belonged to Janet’s daughter, Jodie, but danced with Janet.   2004 – July 16, 2012


Starlight Master Yoda was an extraordinary Samoyed.  He had a CD and did synchronized obedience called brace with his sister Star.  He loved dancing and doing whatever his mom, Debbie, was doing.